Being How You’re Made

Being a big picture person, I often miss stuff. I attend to what I am most interested in, of course, but everything, little details of things other than that are rather dismissed. My head is in the clouds for the most part, resting there in a world of ideas, big pictures, concepts, plans, how things work together. I made it a point to force myself to be more detail oriented. In face, I made a huge effort to pay attention to all the details around me and the little things I generally attended only for a purpose. The results were that I about went crazy. Seems there is just too much to know when big picture/big ideas comes naturally but details are forced. I am not my Maker. I have to be how He made me. I should not try to be more. I definitely decided to be okay with being how I am. And if people don’t get me (which most don’t lol), there are a few that do and I am okay with this. I have to be. And if I am being who I am designed to be, God will provide me with a job to do and with what I need at the right time, even if He calls me to solitude and awkward weirdness the majority of the time. lol I am cool being a weird artist/musician/writer. No problem with that at all because that is how I was made and how I am most comfortable. And I am okay with not being an airbrushed Barbie doll too because I can only look that way when I starve myself and I am most comfortable eating sometimes. lol So, I am pretty awesome because of God making me that way not because I do anything special. He is special and His workmanship is me. And I glorify Him best and worship best and show off His workmanship best when I am just the way He made me to be and not force anything else. Praise God!!!


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