Bad Days and Good Days

Today was bad. I will freely admit that two and a slow third losses is too much for me, and I am tough as nails. However, I have given these things to God once again and feel better. It is a beautiful thing to have so done really big to count on. Never has God’s faithfulness meant so much to me in my life than now. I fancy I shall think of That one attribute in everyone left in my life much more meaningfully. And of course to me truth is the most important quality. I would so much rather be given a painful truth than a pleasant lie. God, being incapable of anything but the truth, is my very best friend now. God loves me. God is always with me. In my losses, He has stepped up as best friend, lover of my soul, Heavenly Father, confidant, sharer of my day, hearer of my heart, bearer of my burdens. God is it. He will never let me down. He will never abandon me. He will always be with me everywhere I go. That is so completely comforting and fantastic! So even bad days are better now because of God in my life. And good days, when I start having some again, will be fantastic. We will travel more also, making the most of the beauty around us and explore more of God’s amazing design and beauty. So good or bad days, they will be made the most of. 


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