Better Not Bitter

One letter difference is all between those two words “better” and “bitter”. Oh and not just a letter but a choice as well. You see, I started with a rough day, really rough and let it affect me royally, momentarily pulled out to play and worship then hit bitter hard after church. Then the day went better because we visited good friends and ate good food. And something else. In talking out the problem and sifting through the rubble to the truth of everything, I decided that bitter will not live here. To remain bitter is to deny the other blessings in my life, God given blessings. My kids, our home, our health, my Daddy still with us for the time being, school about to start, both kids in piano lessons now, renewed relationship with my mom, friends and family still loving me, pool and clubhouse access, so on. It just keeps going and going and to remain in sad and bitter mode is stupid and selfish and needlessly puts stress on us all. For what? Life is too valuable to spend it whining and crying. Time to appreciate and laugh and keep moving forward one step at a time. That honors God, the giver of all good things. He provides what we need when we need it every time we humbly ask. So, I decided to be better, act better, love who I love, live life to the fullest, serve best. Then I honor God and help people.

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