Mood Misery

I have noticed that the mood I am currently in, my attitude, my emotional flavor, dictates my level of happiness and tolerance. Joy and peace are underlying from God but my sadness level or happiness quotient are determined by my perception. For instance, it rained all hard yesterday. I got grumpy and sad and miserable because my attitude was one of sadness and loss upon the untimely death of a treasured friend. I roasted in the loss, the sadness, the anger of missing, etc. My resulting happiness was not great enough to even make my goldfish smile. I was a wreck. Today, if it rained hard, I would be so grateful because I am tired from stewing and brewing yesterday and sleep better when it rains. And on days where my mood is up, RAI is most welcome because we can play in it or have hot chocolate and play games and snuggle up to a movie. It is my perception that changes the reality of the unchanging rain. Which reminds me that whenever possible, I need to let my head rule the moment and order my emotions to mind me. Sometimes you need to feel what you are feeling but I would be a fool to let them dictate every decision I make and rule every day. I am old and roller coasters both bore me and make me nautious. I am not willing to ride one every darn day.

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