The Show Must Go On

Musicians are made to be musicians. God decides what beats our hearts when He makes us. He puts in the gift and passion for it. It is not for us to decide to obey or not or let someone else make that decision for us, it is play or sing or die. The death would be not physical but definitely would be a death, a death of spirit, of heart’s song, of meaning, of purpose, of motivation, of heart beat. Musicians must always consider that when choosing a partner in life because I have seen so many go the way of marrying someone who does not share that passion and thus does not share them or support them in it. It is necessary to play for God when He makes you a musician/singer. It is His design and saying no to that is a major slap in His face, which is obviously not a good idea. Best to run with His design and not fight a battle you cannot win. The show must go on. We must play for the Lord, for His people, whatever venue we have to play, we will play because we know God made us for that purpose, among others. To deny it is to deny air to our lung, life to life. We are pleased to have a new drummer and the show will go on. Just makes our band family that much bigger and richer. Variety is the spice of life and God provides a way to keep His work going He started in us to accomplish. There are reasons for everything He does and God can use any situation and make good come from it. That is Who He is and He totally rocks!!!


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