Distraction Destruction 

It is distracting nowadays. There is always a new thing, always more to do, new tech to fixate on, things to join, porn pushing in from every media source, drugs available, selfishness running rampant, people pushing you toward their agendas, new messes in society, car trouble, horrid news brought to the front we suddenly have to add to our concerns, people we love sick or dropping off the planet, family and step family concerns, running here and there, errands, cleaning, baseball practice, piano lessons, on and on and on. I am not unaware of the variety of distractions in life. It reads like a menu! And on top of it all, whispering quietly above all the screaming condition and chaos is God telling us oh so gently to cast all your concerns on Him. So I grab each busy important thing and hurl it at Him. You want it? You got it. In my mind in prayer I throw each thing one by one up to Him. And an amazing thing happens. What is left before me is a manageable load, a family to care for, a house to run, school, church band, oldies band. Bam! I can handle these things. The rest are gone for a while. And when they creep back in, I know what to do.  Back on my knees in prayer I go. I simplify. This works because God is enormous and happens to be my Heavenly Father who loves me and said he to help. So I am thankful for the distraction destruction He provides and He is glad I obeyed. Win win! Praise God for His care!!!!


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