Diamond Tough

My best friend gave me the idea of being diamond tough, that they can’t break me. Not only can they not break me but even better, no one can break anyone without God’s permission for a reason He knows, usually because you need to be broken or learn something. Those of us with big pride and strong wills need our attention gotten. But God sometimes has to remind us that He is way bigger and tougher because He made us and all we know and He has a plan for us. If we get off course, He will allow us to be broken and set back on course. Not because He hates us but because He loves us and knows what is best for us. Our Heavenly Father God provides for us better than anyone. And no one is stronger than us but Him. Sometimes He has to prove His point to teach us what lesson we have been avoiding. He will not allow you to leave Him without a fight. The sooner you give in the sooner the lesson is over and the excruciating pain instantly leaves and here come back peace and joy. Bam!


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