The Pricelessness of You

I have recently been dealing with a major rejection, a hurt so big that it is hard to understand. And it made me rethink our value. It hurts to feel like we are so easily cast off like rubbish, like trash that has no value or worth. Now this affected my thought processes deeply because of the gravity of it. And these thoughts kept popping back in. Were we of no value at all? Were we garbage that we were so easily cast off and thrown out? These thoughts and so many like it just flourished. UNTIL. God smacked me (of course He had to because I was stuck in ugly mode) and told me about Him. You see, I have a priceless worth because of God and who He is and knows I am and not because of what any other person in the universe thinks. I am priceless because of Who my Daddy is and not because of how I compare to someone else. My family is God’s. We are made in His image. Whose image? God’s. God the loving and good One, the all powerful One, the perfect One, the creative and all knowing One, the fantastic One, the One who made everything good we know of, every beautiful thing we can see or think of. He, God, is the One who made me in detail, every aspect, every good part, every quirky part, every creative element, every musical accomplishment, every  character flaw that needs His touch to perfect but is perfect for what He wants me to do. He made us with the ability to do something special and amazing for Him. And you know what? He did that for you too. For all of us, we were built with a plan to fit into God’s plan somehow. We may look funny, do weird things, think strangely, not fit in a whole lot of places, but SO WHAT! Get over it. God has a plan and His thought of us is the only important thing because all of this is so temporary but what He makes will live forever. And there is absolutely nothing worth losing your insight on your priceslessness based on God’s pricelessness and our loving designer. I am priceless. No one is like me. And guess what? You are priceless and there is no one like you either. I dig that so hard! Praise God!!!!!


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