Selfish People Still Matter

In a world of selfishness, lest we fall into that hated narcissistic trap, we must be sure to remind ourselves and our children that other people still matter. We will not revive them to humanity and our Maker God by ignoring or acting spitefully go these sad ones who think the world revolves around them. Only love changes these hardened hearts. That doesn’t mean we cater to their demands while bowing low and allow them to treat us horribly. It means we can bow low in secret and say a prayer for them. We also can say no with a smile in love for them to have a chance of realizing their behavior is unacceptable. Maybe they keep being obeyed so think it is OK to be a bully jerk to people. Maybe we can help by helping them without it being one of their demands or giving them an encouraging word or note and perhaps make them think. Perhaps all of the above or perhaps all we may have a chance to do is smile or say a quick prayer or be polite and nice. The thing is to remember that these people are in need of love, in need of God, lost. People with God are humble and nice and treat people like they matter. So that is our job, no matter how we are treated. Maybe we can plant a seed to selfish ones and God can use that. You never know. But always best to do our job and He will reward us for trying to help His lost baby.


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