The World at Small

Our world is changing so very much. I looked at my blog readers and realize that it consists of thousands of people all over the world and not just my American homeland. And I thought about how beautiful it is that though distance divides a little bit, words through technology bind and shrink those distances to I comprehension and for a moment of reading, we are in the same room sharing ideas. That is so very beautiful. I am amazed that we who love God or are searching sometimes for Him in the midst of current abuses of power and ugliness of the selfishness, we feel communion and solidarity with those who share that purity and pursuit of living better than we are seeing. And there is tremendous beauty and intense importance in the coming together and encouraging each other that this world is not the end game, that heaven is. And we share struggles and pray for each other and fine hole and joy and peace together in our common God. I have never considered myself anything but God’s little girl and I so love sharing words and ideas and encouragement and hope and joy and peace with others of God’s amazing design. So let us continue to encourage each other and stay strong together, knowing our God loves us, His children and gives us what we need when we humbly ask Him. That is the most beautiful thing ever. I love you!

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