Bad Choices and Free Will

We all have the right to make bad choices. Every single one is has the right also to make good decisions. It is free will to choose which you will make. However, you have to live with the consequences and they always always affect more than ourselves. For instance, if so someone uses their free will to choose to do drugs regularly, there are reprocussions, sometimes more severe than others, that the decider may lose health or jobs or face jail time or go broke or whatever in time BUT also children and friends and family, anyone who seems to love the decider has a sharp kick in the teeth as well. Another big prevalent example is divorce. There are children affected and torn up, friends split, family members avoid or complain or give unwanted advice. Yes, we all have free will and can choose so many things for ourselves but these choices are never ever made in a vacuum. They affect people. Don’t be fooled, every choice affects other people. If you make a bad one, please don’t be surprised when other people are hurt. And this hurt is not selfishness. People have feelings too. And sometimes those closest to you and loving you so much are more susceptible to being hurt by a bad decision. It hurts to see someone you love choose something that hurts them. Feels like a kick in the jaw, especially when they reject your love and support in the process. 

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