On Sudden Changes and New Beginnings

Focusing on what we hope for as human beings, what we feel, what emotions we express and flow from, there is a great deal that we believe will make us happy. In time, these things may change because of environmental factors or changing of minds of other parties involved or time or even those emotions. And these changes can be sudden and life altering, in my experience. And for a bit, devastating, because when you put your heart on something and believe in it and it is part of you, when it is suddenly removed, hope disappears for a while and the change feels overwhelming and very difficult to process. But what I have found, also in my experience, is not the corny overused statement that “When God closes a door, He opens a window”. I mean, who wants to jump through a window, and if you even can depends a lot on the size of the window. So ignoring that annoying phrase, I have found that God directs our path. There are no accidents. There are no changes that He does not authorize. He knows everything. He is God, isn’t He? Kind of a prerequisite. So, when there are these sudden, disruptive, hope crushing, heart wrenching changes inflicted upon us, our amazing God of the universe and my life always produces a new beginning. That, He reminds me, is just that phase of life, albeit wonderful and meaningful and feeling, it is always with Him a new beginning. He can give a new hope. One that lifts your spirits back up again, one that builds you back from the blow, one that begins a new phase of worship or service or just life. He provides a new rest for your soul from unrest felt. He provides a new ageless hope of heaven in place of hope on a circumstance or person. He provides joy just after you swore you would never smile or laugh again. God does all that. No one else is God so no one else can do what He does. No one else even wants to. lol So, in the face of a sudden shocking blow, prepare your mind and heart to feel His beckoning you on to a beautiful new beginning. It can only go up from rock bottom. And there is no limit to the up.


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