Amazing Discoveries

Being of intricate and ever thirsting for knowledge mind, I have been quite amazed at an abundance of amazing discoveries that have crossed my path in the last few days. For one, watching the opening Olympic ceremony was so fascinating and I realized just how many countries exist that I have never heard of. Now, as I teach my son geography I will no longer mourn that I did not mentally attend geography classes myself as a child or thereafter (except the US) and will be pleased to learn with him. Secondly, I discovered that love means very different things to different people, sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse, but God’s idea of love is the right one. That amazes me and gives me much comfort. God’s type of love never dies or judges or throws people away like refuse. He is so faithful when we are not faithful or when we are and good when we are not or when we are. He is constant regardless and that is amazingly beautiful and comforting and amazing. He doesn’t throw anyone away ever. Thirdly, I also discovered that sometimes people will compromise too much for a gamble and not enough for true love. Amazingly, God sacrificed everything for people who hated Him and that amazes me and gives me great comfort and respect for Him. Fourthly, I discovered that God forgives so generously when humbly asked that it is difficult to stay wounded for too long in His presence. Appreciation heals better than any healing salve or lotion or potion or emotion. Did I just turn into Dr. Seusse for a minute? It is truly amazing though how well appreciation works. My Grandma had told me to count my blessings and the song with it and I thought that was rather simplistic. But another thing I learned is that simple is by far better and more powerful than overcrowded, overworked and overstressed. Amazing discovery! The last one is how much free time I have because I simplified our schedule, got off facebook, took on fewer responsibilities, kept a cleaner less cluttered home and relaxed with my kids. No need to become so distracted and deterred from the Good. If there is no time in the day to listen to the Lord’s leading and obey and help people around who need  me, I have failed and missed the big picture. Amazing discovery! 

Bonus thought, some people will feel it necessary to throw their pearls before swine and return to the scene of the crime hoping for a different outcome and there is not a single thing you can do about it but pray from afar and love them if/when they return. This is an individual choice and you cannot ever push a rope. On that, my son gave me great insight in that although you cannot push a rope, you can shorten it so maybe they have less effort to pull when they are ready. I thought that was a pretty amazing insight. Discovering the depth of my child is an amazing discovery. I am a proud mama.


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