The Voice in Your Head

Most of the mischief I ever got into, and believe me I have had my fair share, was due to my own mind’s meanderings. My mind rarely stops unless I am asleep, and even then my dreams are wild and in color. So, I have to get along with all the co structs of my mind, all the fuzzy little animals that live there and every memory it chooses to hang onto all at once, adding most of the time what I am doing currently. Which is why I am sometimes lacking focus. I love to be challenged mentally or physically because then everyone has to work together harmoniously to accomplish a task and there is a calm then. I had calm for quite some time recently until other stronger Eve GS took over that and we are back. But it was a nice break. And the voice in my head is always my own but it varies in color and feel and composition to where sometimes I let naughty win and sometimes nice. Mostly nice, thank God, and I know that He is the reason for that. See, if I give God the reins in my mind, I find it so much easier to do everything else in my life His way and not so much mine. I am naturally loving but not always the right things. Lol God guides my mind through the Holy Spirit and life becomes so much easier to bear in a much better fashion. God is natural at leadership and huge bonus loves me and wants what is best for me. So I love giving Him the control. Less for me to pour over. And the more often I listen to that still small voice in my head, the more I draw close to and appreciate God and His goodness and wisdom.


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