Successes of a Failure

When you pour yourself into someone or something like a business or a relationship or project or love, you naturally expect success, you expect to make a difference, impact lives, help, be profitable, be loved, be appreciated, and you are always so at some point. But sometimes failure happens. It happened in my marriage, in my business, in relationships, in many ways. Failure has happened to me often in my life. And yet I am not a failure. Why? Because each and every failure is a success IF it teaches you something and grows you. Faith is shaken when you let one failure be the end of your trying. However, faith grows when you realize you can put the effort out but God dire ts the results for our good. Does He want us to fail? Here is the tricky part… Sometimes He does. Does that mean He loves us less? No, He love us more. How can that be? God thinks in eternal big picture for everyone’s a d especially His good. He uses details to accomplish the big picture. Had you not learned to be humble from this failure, you would never later be successful in this other more important area. If you had not been betrayed and thus learned that God is the only One we should trust, we may have trusted this other business person later who was trying to destroy the company. If you had’t failed because you were impatient in this scenario you would’t understand the value of patience and might jump headfirst into unsavory arrangements. We fail to be taught things for our good. If you live in the failure you do not learn the lesson and will be crippled by it. If you search out the lesson then you are much smarter for it and more capable. People learn surprisingly little from success but failure is an excellent teacher.

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