The Happy Things

Sure it easy to see the bad things, downright evil things, ugliness around us. That is easy. What is a challenge is finding the little happy moments inside those and focusing on them. For every situation that hurts, there is a chance to grow and heal. For every tear there is a laugh. For every heartache there is a breath of grace. For every heart wrenching cry there is a comfort. God never allows one without providing the other, because He is a loving Father. Our challenge and tool for hope and survival is the finding of that. God promises also we will never have to endure more than we can. Sometimes it feels a lot like it, hopes shattered, sadness presses, loneliness attacks, and you wonder. Then as you are thinking that, you hear out of the corner of your ear your kid’s laughter or find your favorite chocolate bar on sale or get an encouraging note from your best friend that says you are not a loser or you trip on air and fall crazy onto the couch and just laugh at the block was of that. There is always a smile to be had, a laugh to find. Do not give up searching for it. It will get you through the dark by means of its light.                                      

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