Ties that Bind

I believe that we are tied to our pasts, the good and the bad things we walk through, even if we are the masters of those choices made. We have connections and cutting those ties is impossible. In fact, we can still very easily be tangled up in them, were they healthy or not healthy. Everyone is susceptible. The beauty is that none of us would be the awesome and amazing people we are are if not for the fact of these ties, these good and bad things we are a part of were not also in our lives, tied to us. The extremely tricky part of loving each other is tying our respective ties together and continue down the road. It becomes very real very fast, sticky at times like a web and other times manages to flow together somehow. And it is quite easy for us to miss sometimes that even if we are tied to bad choices or conflicting experiences between people, God still holds the strings. He can unwind them, He can retie them if something had cut the tie, He can actually thin the strings between the events we hold on to obsessively. He can. He does so when we have faith and pray for it and become pliable with humility so then we are easily moved to untangle the strings. Not a single person on earth can accomplish this but God, doesn’t matter what power you might possess. No one is as powerful as God anywhere and absolutely no one but God can untangle the strings tied into knots.


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