The Risk of Truth

There are great risks you take when you tell the truth and even greater risks when you are open and honest. There is an imperfection that is obvious the more that I talk and an unforgivable realness to me that turns many away. I do not mean for this to happen but it is a familiar experience. People want you to feed their lies, their denial to stay comfortable. Truth isn’t comfortable anymore. It is easier, simpler, yes, but not comfortable for those who do not want to hear it. I mention too much about God or Jesus and I am some dreamer, judged as judgmental before another word is spoken and anyone who knows the me I am would understand the ridiculousness of that. But there is an idea that is uncomfortable in someone talking too much about the truth of God and they either feel afraid or guilty or incringed upon, these precious truths of my loving heavenly Daddy. And I don’t get it. I don’t understand it. I don’t try to. It really isn’t for me to understand. I am no longer surprised by it. It is an anti-truth spirit in the country that feels heavy to me. And the spirit realm is such an uncomfortable topic for so many people, who either think you are crazy or irrational or deluded or an idiot or obsessed. Oh the options. But to deny the spiritual is to deny the breath of the universe. It is to deny God saying He was Spirit. To pretend the spiritual aspects of our lives do not exist is to pretend there is no God, and how foolish is that. It is like Pinoccio telling Gepetto that Gepetto doesn’t exist and Pinoccio made himself. Really? This is not crazy, irrational, deluded, idiotic and obsessed? So, stop accusing people of being judgmental when you are judging them without just cause. Then your words may matter to me. Your attacks may be something other than noise then. If you are pointing a loaded gun at someone telling them to disarm to protect themselves, there is little motivation to disarm, little weight to your order, little apprectiation for your concern. So, truth may be a dangerous game, especially as it concerns God and Jesus Christ, but I will still tell it. I am answerable to God for my actions, my words. I will not get off the hook because someone else suggested I ignore His command to tell other people about God. I am still responsible. I fear God not people. People can only torture or mock or kill me, worst case scenario. God deals in eternity, not temporal. Eternity is a heck of a long time. I really don’t want to be without God all that time. He is so much more important than my comfort or popularity or whatever the heck else people find important in this temporary physical realm.


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