Love That Heals

I am a doctor of audiology. I wanted to be a physician. I studied medicine, have a degree in premed, learned a lot in four years at a notable hospital, studied much about herbs, medicines and homeopathic remedies. It is safe to say that healing people and helping them has been a focus of most of my life. I became a doctor of audiology because my first husband didn’t want to have the enormous student loans that medical school requires so I have semi ridiculous student loans to be a doctor of audiology, the doctorate taking 5 years post bachelor of science degree. Nonetheless, I helped people hear and balance better for 14 years. And I incorporated my knowledge to make my patients’ lives better or at least pointed in the right direction. A fountain for healing, a flowing river of health from me to my patients has always been a vision of beauty in my mind. And I have faith, the faith that truly believes God heals, believes God provides us the means to heal ourselves sometimes, believes the Bible- every word of it- is true, believes I can do anything God leads me to do. I have faith. Faith promotes healing. Faith believes though no evidence in the physical is present. Faith believes without seeing the results but trusting that they are there nonetheless. Healing happens most often to those whose faith is high and pride is low. My main job as a healer is to remind people of that and guide them along that journey to freedom from illness. Sounds spiritual, doesn’t it? Hard to conceptualize for most. This is how my mind works. This is normal to me. The physical is a result of the spiritual to me, a big picture person. It is much harder for me to grasp the tedious details and sort them out. Such a challenge there. But the road to healing is absolutely stamped with love. Love (because God is Love) is the greatest force on the planet or universe. Love lifts and encourages. Love demonstrates passion for life, joy, beauty and peace. Love is the core of healing, the fastest way to health. Love is a reason as much as a determination as much as a fact in truth. Love generates healing faith and hope and runs right over skepticism and lies. Love wraps warm hands and arms around, kisses the worthy spots, massages the tired areas, runs a warm bubble bath for relaxation and keeps company all the while. Love heals and promotes healing at a much higher success rate and much much faster than those without access to such love. Love overshadows doubt with belief and casts out darkness by providing light. The sunshine always glows beautifully under its rays and love is always the glue that binds the union and rectifies doubt and disintigrates mistrust so healing can take place. Love is the answer to every problem. It is everywhere you are willing to put an effort in and direct its course for vitality and strength. Love holds and heals the ill or hurting or stressed or weary or grieving souls respectfully but honestly compromising nothing and apologizing for nothing as it works.There is nothing Love cannot do. Not. One. Thing. Love has already won every battle and needs only the embrace to be your champion or champion of anyone feeling the least bit poorly. Love is perfectly capable of taking care of the lover and the loved.


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