Screen Door on a Submarine 

Everyone who of my friends growing up knew I never missed a Rich Mullins concert, knew all of his songs, had and played every tape (this was back a bit) or CD, played and sang his songs in church and at camp, spoke with him on several occasions, etc. People called me to give condolences when he died. Sounds like I was a bit too much of a fan, right? Lol. Nonetheless, he had a song about faith called Screen Door. The point of it was that “faith without works is like a song you can’t sing, it’s about as useless as a screen door on a submarine.” Having faith in God does not benefit anyone but you unless you apply it and do something useful to other people. It may be as simple as helping someone. Ow their lawn when they’ve been ill, walk a dog for someone, open the door, for heaven’s sake smile, teach your children about God, live so they see your light shine, vote, babysit for a single mom and don’t charge her, prayi g right then with hurting people, send an encouraging card out, whatever you find to do. But having faith is nice for you and that is it. Applying it and getting out and doing some service or sharing what you have is beneficial to the kingdom of God. God notices these efforts and rewards them. Some misguided souls call this karma. It is God rewarding good deeds and punishing bad ones. His involvement is unavoidable. Our involvement is our choice.

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