How to Show Love to a Bad Neighbor

I am quite certain I am not the only one with a bad neighbor. You yourself may have a bad neighbor or know someone close to you who does. Yes, the type that are somewhere between harmful and scary, very narcissistic, maybe lazy, definitely obnoxious. And where it may feel good for a moment to accidentally trim their hedge into the shape of a mad face or light some of their dog’s waste in a paper bag and give it back to them or return their fallen branches to them through their living room window, these option show a very sick sense of humor I have to respect a little bit but neglect to show them love. And whereas love will probably not be accepted by them or help a whole lot because of their pigheadedness, it probably is good to practice love on these horrible people who don’t deserve it because then loving everyone else will be easier and also God loves us when we didn’t deserve it either and fair is fair. So, shy of baking them cookies (which was tried and not proven successful) and feeding their dog our cat (not our choice but evidently their dog thought so) and not retaliating in kind by sharing my rifle shells with said dog, another option is to smile and wave each chance you get. This not only is a nice gesture but also may confuse and bewilder them, which is a bonus. Next, maybe trim the hedge between your two yards on purpose the right way. This accomplishes an act of service and also gets it done because you know they aren’t going to do it. Next, perhaps not calling the cops the next time you hear their loud music booming at 2am would be a loving thing to do, instead politely ask them to turn down. These are good options. Getting a little more creative and a little more committed to the cause, perhaps praying for them is a good loving option. Because evidently they need prayer and God and maybe you are really the only person who can genuinely show them Him and His love instead of adding to their badness by returning bad for bad. Instead, by returning love to them for their badness, even when it hurts just a little to do so, you are proving that God’s grace is bigger than your mad. This is never a bad thing.


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