Love Conquers Conquerers

Love is the most powerful force in the world because God is love. And those who conquer for their own purposes do not realize they may have gained some small ground or even vast properties and successes for the moment but these evil people are walking dead. They are corpses walking around as if they will live forever in the riches they have set up for themselves. They are short sighted. They are fools. This world is a short stay stop on the way to forever, to eternity where we will live somewhere that has nothing to do with this current wealth and if life is lived God’s way, the place we will live holds riches that put this world to shame with a purity we have not seen since creation’s first day. So do not fear conquerers, evil people who bark death and smell of hatred. These people are already dead, do not fear them. Who to fear is God who controls your future eternal destination. That is where we need to focus. We need to focus on God, on Love, for God is Love. Cling to love, to this formidible force worth pursuing, stay far from the distractions meant to coerse us into foolishness- dead love to produce more dead. But life is much more powerful. Life is found in God and Love. This must be our focus. Evil will increase, we are seeing it everywhere, but we need not fear it. Love is much more powerful, and all who call on the name of God for help will receive help and those who accept salvation from God’s Son Jesus Christ, will be with Him in glory forever and all this is but a passing thought in the scope of eternity. Be encouraged and feel God’s Love deeply and richly and flourish in its glow. This is our hope.

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