The Value of Travel

Having travelled extensively in my lifetime before my youngest was born, I am at liberty to explain the value in travel. When you touch soil in other parts of the world, when you mingle with the people that know that land, when you swim in their waters and eat their food and experience their lifestyle, your mind expands, your empathy grows, your understanding of how things tie together grows, your knowledge increases, your imagination is stirred, your understanding of yourself in this place deepens, your appreciation for God who made all of it is enhanced and you appreciate the entire collective creation much more succinctly. When you travel, you see things from a different perspective. You sometimes see everything from a different perspective, and the more open minded you are when you do so, the greater the benefit. So many experiences in our lives depend upon our mindset when we take them in, but as a general rule, an open mind in a new place reeps benefits far greater than words can delineate. A mind expanded, a brain with new memories, new pictures, new synapses firing, new experiences- who can put a pricetag on these things? Whether it is a town never visited before three hours away or a country never visited before 13 hours away by flight, every change of scenery and people broadens your mind and your horizens. All travel is valuable. The most valuable is living among the natives of that place, really experiencing life their way. Then your way isn’t so fixed in the future, and flexibility is a very valuable ability in real life no matter where you are. Learning about diverse places and people and culture also deepend appreciation for God who made them, specifically His ability and desire to create diversity for balance and beauty. Travel does all of this faster and easier than even books and supplements books’ lessons. It is far more expensive not to travel because of how limiting that ends up being to your mindset and knowledge. When you do not travel, you must accept other people’s opinions about these places and people and they may have missed the truth and beauty entirely or misinterpretted them and thus misrepresented them to you. It is much better to be informed yourself by experience. Then you may be sure of the matter.


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