Love Love Love

I love God and He loves me. Consequently, He loves you too. See, He made us and loves us. He knows every facet of us, our insides, our outsides, our motives, our drives, our passion, our gifts. He designed us and likes His work. No, loves His work. So regardless if you believe it or not, you are truly loved by your Maker on every level. God loves you. And unlike people, His love is not based on what you do. Now, what you do does matter because He wants us to reflect His goodness. He has expectations, but when we do not meet them, He does not withdraw His love from us. No, He always still loves us. He is like a good Father, who loves His kids even when they screw up and is proud when they obey. He is like that. And that is beautiful and comfortable. And what He wants is for us to love Him back, love ourselves and love each other. That is it. It is that simple. Use the gifts He gave us, our talents and abilities unique to us, and love. Then He tells us what love is. Love is being patient (a tough one for me but I am learning with help). Love is being kind.  Love does not want what other people have. Love does not tally up faults in others or ourselves. Love does not brag. Love is being faithful. Love is being self-controlled. Love is gentle. So, in other words love is never judgmental or rude or self-serving or proud or boastful or narcissistic or blaming or beligerent or controlling or has to be right all the time. No. None of those is love. Love is good. Love is holding someone in their worst moments ever and not giving up on them or rubbing their noses in their mistakes but listening and holding and appreciating their good qualities. Love cooks a meal for someone’s family when their normal cook is sick. Love rocks babies to sleep and sings them lullabys. Love puts down the rock that was thrown at it even though it has the strength to destroy the thrower. Love is the most powerful force in the universe. God is Love. Nothing is stronger. Nothing is a greater superpower. Nothing can counter evil other than love. Love lifts up the lover. Love frees the slave in their mind and heart. Love elevates and brings light to any and every situation it is invited into. Love is a verb, an action, but it is also a state of mind first. One can not do love if one does not first believe love. Faith and love intertwine. You have to believe in it for it to have its full power. You have to believe even when it is physically irrational to do so. The beauty of love is that it is an idea, a tangible force, an invisible power, is Spirit. Love has already won so love is bigger than any hate or evil you face. And if love is all you are left with after the fight, you have won that fight. Love is worth working on and is the only way to rise above where you are and take you to a greater, wiser you. You are so loved. Love well in return.


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