What Changes Bring the Day

In days gone by, my voice was heard fighting against tyrrany, against opression, against hate, against judging, against against against. Today, I pray everyday for God to help me to show love. Because I listened to great ones who have lived their lives proving that love speaks louder than hate. Being for someone is a much greater sacrifice than being their critic. Loving is a stronger healer than criticism. I understand full well being judged, being criticised, being attacked even for wrongs I have done, being hurt for the sake of being shown wrong. When we seperate the person from humanity and see them as a function of their rights and wrongs, not only do we request the same for ourselves but we do not allow that person to grow into their best them. Fighting any evil dictates with a strong glove that love be your 1-2 punch. Love in essence, is putting the gloves down. Yes, behavior that harms people or society must be quickly suppressed to the extent that safety of all is more important than complete mercy for every wrong. There must be rules and boundaries and punishments to reinforce those. It has to happen to revoke chaos and damage to the societal whole. But each individual is an individual. We are all children of God. Some wander far from Him but will only be chased further away by attacks. People can only be brought back to communion with God through love, which may be tough but whose motives are always love. Hate never solves anything. Love always solves everything. Love is more powerful because God is Love. What is more powerful? Nothing. The stronger the force against it, the more love shines. It knows it has already won. Love is confident in its power.


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