The Value of Art

Art is a state of mind. Art can be seen and produced in any form you wish it to. Art is thinking outside the box, outside the realm of the tangible, known thing OR making you see that thing in a new light. Why? Because art is a focus on expression. Art is in my piano playing (when I choose it to be there) and my painting. My daughter’s art is in her dance and expressions and drawing. My son’s art focus is light saber routines and leadership. There is expression, design, openness of mind, sharing of opinions, higher consciousness focusing. There is a spiritual aspect to art because the Designer of all that we know of is the perfect Artist God, so art cannot exist or breathe or take its form without His permission, so He is in it. All of art communicates. The best works communicate to the most people but some of my favorite works only speak to my imagination and I don’t care what else may be drawn from them. lol. I think something beautiful and discussion worthy is how so many different people can interpret a work of art in so many ways. Music is more unmistakable, but other art forms may be thought of differently by different people. And these different ways of seeing things are what makes art so beautiful and essential to our lives and culture. It comes from having different personalities and experienes of life and views and opinions and perspectives. So we have our own lens we see everything through. And when we create, we show someone else something unique about ourselves. Art is valuable for this reason. We can communicate and reach each other on a deeper level and open up the doors to discussion, differences of opinion, harmony, bonding. These are valuable things.


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