Crazy Works Sometimes

There must be something very “special” about me because I have been called crazy many many many many times. It is never said as an accusation of psychosis but as an observation of unusual and unconventional behavior or conveyance of words. Maybe it is my Aquarianism, if you buy in to that sort of thing. Maybe it is my very interesting and unusual family blend of missionaries and farmers. Maybe it is a strange aura I emit because my faith force is so strong (I take the Bible literally). Maybe it is my even stranger and socially derelict ability to not care what everyone else things and avoid social norms and political correctness and do what I believe to be right or good. Maybe it is because I find people fascinating who other people find scary. Maybe because I say what I mean and mean what I say without apology. Maybe I was dropped on my head too much as a child. Whatever the case is, my crazy seems to work. I get a lot done and make a lot of people laugh. In consideration of raising kids, crazy goes really well with them. It keeps things light and fun and quirky. So if you have a little crazy in you, don’t be afraid of it or suppress it because of someone’s opinion. Chances are they wish they were a little crazy to balance their preoccupation with butting into your life. But always use your crazy for good. Don’t just do whatever you want to, that is just plain selfish, but do what helps people, brings joy, uplifts, restores, shares God’s light in a dark world. Use this superpower for good and not evil. But use it. Crazy works sometimes. 🙂

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