Freedom of Moving Forward

Invaritably, you move forward. You might be driving or running or biking or barely stepping when you embark ahead, but inevitably there is a cessation from standing still. It might not even be your doing, but ahead you must go. And it is with great pleasure that I tell you with certainty that there is great hope in the next steps or leaps or whatever your ambition level moves you to. The hope is not a guarantee that the road is not wrought with difficulties. The hope is that the journey changes you. You are never who you were before this step and you can never go back. You can succeed. You can also fail but the hope is that you can choose for yourself which you will do. Freedom is hope. Never underestimate the power and intrinsic and quite ethereal beauty of a free choice. And God can walk with you if you choose or can walk above you if you rather but He is always with you to give help when needed. There is amazing hope in that. And hope also lies in the value of learning new things, forging new paths. Movement is hope, action and motion lead us on bravely and peacefully amidst any degree of chaos. Value and treasure that. It is valued by many who are denied such freedom. We are blessed. Live and move accordingly.

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