Exercising Genius

Having always fought the chub in my genetically endowed self all throughout life, and moreso when men and society started saying thin was in and fat was only cute in a cat, I of course exercised and still do. I sought personal trainers, went on websites, tried this fad program and this book on it. And the genius of exercise, I deduced, was finding something I actually wanted to do and doing that. I love tennis. I love swimming. Those things are readily available and I can do them. I walk and have a place close by so I do that. If I try too many other programs or things that don’t really interest me, I don’t do them for long, even with an exercise buddy. So there it is. Do what you like. Just do something. And your heart will be all the better for it (and so will your mood). Have a great day!!! 🙂


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