Thunderstorm Concert

Rain pounds the earth and cleans the trees, yielding rich water for life. The rain falls steadily on the roof, sounding loudly through the house in a rhythm of its own fancy. Cracks of thunder and bright beams of lightning break up the monotonony of the raindrops like glorious cymbol crashes in a song. It calms and grows like a crescendo and decrescendo of a song. And the amazing and unique song ends as it leaves only the drip drop off the roof afterward to remind you of nature’s song of praise that you just heard.  And the beauty of the thunderstorm special song is that it is pure, true, honest. Most of all, it is humbling. The great tyrant may hold his head high but he will duck and run when the mighty thunderstorm plays its song. Children dance in its play. I sleep best to its rhythm, loving the song, enjoying God’s pure voice of His masterpiece of nature, the cycles He set in motion coming to fruition. It is incredible and exciting and loud and beautiful. No technology in the world measures up to its power and magnitude. Nothing is as entertaining and exhilerating to experience. Power and perfect brilliance and artistry in nature’s thunderstorm concert. No one can copy it with the same flavor. It is perfect. And if you honor this concert with your full attention, it will renew and refresh your spirit.


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