Assumptions & Repercussions

Our experiences in life dictate the assumptions we hold about when something similar occurs to us. Some of these assumptions can protect us from something bad happening again. Some of these same assumptions can hinder us from taking new chances which may benefit us. Either way, assumptions are difficult to evade, even to the open minded. It is a part of reality you have to deal with and respect and understand when joining families or lives or in relationships with anyone. We all make assumptions intrinsically. Not pretty sometimes but there it is. The very best way to avoid the repercussions of an irrelevant-to-now assumption your mind built from your past negative experiences and keep it from harming a new relationship is to talk openly and honestly about it. This is also a bit scary because you open yourself up to be validated in the assumption which can change a lot of things. However, if the chance is not taken to open up that line of communication and correct the assumption into a workable reality, growth does not happen. Relationships do not strengthen sometimes because the communication is not there and then damage is done and the repercussion may be a lack of unity or just lack of growth in intimacy or at worst a decrease in the trust or relationship. It is a difficult thing either way, which is why sometimes second or third marriages are increasingly shorter in length. It is difficult to have a history of hardship and keeping that from forming close bonds is easy when patterns of miscommunication are repeated. It is my wish in life to remain open. This is a challenge but one that is easily overcome by knowing these things and both choosing to communicate openly and honestly with each other. Truth counters all lies and misconceptions based on assumptions are lies accepted as truths. So truth exposes the, well, the truth of the matter and allows relationships to grow and deepen in merit and last. If a pattern of truthful communication and openness continues, the relationship will continue and deepen and gain meaning and strength and new good assumptions will replace harmful ones. Assuming someone will love you no matter what and assuming the truth will be told to you is a pretty great habit for those in relationships to utilize. Communication brings hope. Hope brings renewed life and redeems your mind.

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