Roller Coaster Life

Rolling down pre-made winding, spiralling, going upside down tracks, big monster roller coasters are fun. Fun IF, and this is very important, IF you are properly secured. If you are not, you will see the roller coaster very differently. It will become a terror ride, a torment, a horrible thing that ends in some form of trauma of which you will never be the same. And life is very much like that. If we do not feel secure, do not feel adequately grounded, life’s ups and downs and loopty-loos will cause us enourmous amounts of pain or trauma or just plain old headaches. We need to know our security is sound, we are safe. It is difficult to know this in a seeminly very scary world we happen to reside in. There are always side cars pushing us, always unexpected objects thrown on the tracks and so on. It is imperitive that we place our security in that which is stronger and bigger than the roller coaster. Our security must be grounded in God, bigger than we are, bigger than any problem we face, no matter how big it is or how much it threatens to throw us around. In fact, if our security is not grounded in God, it is grounded on something lesser that can also be moved and shaken. Imagine being secured to the seats not by God’s strongest arms but by bungee cords. You would still be jostled so much that you’d at best end up with a sound concussion. Or you ask a child to secure you in your seat. They do not have the ability to help, no matter how much they might want to. So our security must come from someone greater and secure and sure and faithful. In a world of unfaithfulness, God is faithful. And I want faithfulness in my security. I don’t ever again want to feel secure one minute and not secure at all the next and then be back to secure and so forth. Such a strap on a ride which works half the time and then visits another person to secure them for a bit and come back is completely worthless as a security strap. Security must be reliable, faithful. This is vital. You cannot be secure in a boat that is solid one minute and turns into spaghetti the next and back and forth. You get it. So hop on in and enjoy the ride life brings you, but just make sure your security strap is right first.


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