The Cliffs of Life

Okay, so I freely admit that I like Forest Gump’s analogy (or rather his momma’s) that life is like a box of chocolates and you never know which one you’ll get. However, after this past year and its crazy, I realize that is certainly the optimistic view and not the realistic one. It implies that it might be that horrible orange filled chocolate at worst but it is still sweet and yields energy and still has chocolate in whichever one you end up with. That is so not true. I know like 5 people with perfect lives and honey, they are sorely deluded. I see it rather that we start on one path that unexpectly all of a sudden branches off in 10 directions, each one being a cliff you have to jump off of. Only one of these cliffs has a false bottom where there is safety and peace and calm after jumping. The rest plummet you to insanity for a while, into survival mode and grasping for meaning and understanding, feeling more like a reign of terror than a testing ground or learning zone it really is. That one safe way is still only accessed by jumping off a cliff. There are signs and instructions along the road but most people are too distracted to see them so try to double back, only to quickly learn the path behind them has already disintegrated and no longer exists. No, you must move forward. And there is no standing still either. There is a pace one must maintain on the way, it is dictated. So, you pick a cliff, maybe the prettiest, maybe the one that seems less high, the one that looks fun, the one that seems manageable, whatever criteria you choose. And the instructions, were you to have read them, would say that you go to the cliff straight ahead and just walk off and the arms of God would honor your faith in Him and carried you to safety. But so many distractions keep us from seeing those instructions and we count on our intelligence or feelings or information from others. So, maybe we need to pay a little more attention along the way to the instruction manual. A lot is riding on the decision to do so. And we face our cliff options alone, or seem to, until we read in the manual that God is right there all the time wherever we go. And then maybe we don’t feel so alone. And if He is kind enough to send someone alone to keep us company, all the better. We can jump off the right cliff together. 🙂

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