As the Step Quickens

Many things to be afraid of. There are many things that can make your step quicken and heart beat faster, blood pressure raise, breath hasten. Stress is everywhere. Some are valid, some are invented/perceived, some are a combination of both. There is certainly much, very much to be afraid of. If. There is much to be afraid of IF you do not believe God is bigger than anything and that He is on your side. I honestly do not understand how people get through life at all without Him. He made everything, all of us, all we see, so to deny His power in  intervening on our behalf when we ask Him is quite precocious at best, foolishly harmful at worst. So, it is a matter of what extent do I believe that to be true? Do I really believe God intervenes on our behalf when we ask? Do I believe He is stronger than anything He created? My dad, the retired Marine and farmer, taught me not to be afraid of anyone but God. I asked why we should be afraid of God and He replied that He is a Spirit Force that can wipe us out anytime He wanted. Not reassuring as a kid, but as an adult I see what He is saying. He can do that, yes, He can do anything, but He loves us and protects us as my daddy did and as he later taught me to do for my future family at the time and whoever comes against us, we only need to raise our eyes to our Heavenly Daddy and help will come. He would move heaven and earth to help us, as we would for our loved ones, our kids, our family. So truly, because of His immense power and love for us, there is nothing on this planet to be afraid of. He has this all. God is the master. We are here to use our gifts to help people and worship Him and take care of business. That is it. Everything else is distraction and nonsense and traps and stupidity and enemy’s interference and tests and lies. One of those. Determining that is our goal and fear will be made short use of. If we determine the trick, test, lie, distraction or nonsense keeping us from our peace and joy and love and security in God here, we win and fear is eliminated. It really is that simple. And God can help us with that too! So we move forward in faith that God is God and we are we. And fear becomes a pimple in the road to be treated not allowed to develop into worry and stress. Giving the problems to God in faith and prayer frees us to live life and God to fight our battles for us. And He never loses. Not ever. He wins. So we win. Woo hoo!!! 🙂

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