The Blank Stare

In college, I had a number of jobs, sometimes coinciding with each other. Anything to keep a roof over my head and stay in school. So one of these jobs was as a daycare worker. I loved my job because I had toddlers often and while it was their nap time I had babies to rock to sleep. It was a wanting-to-be-a-momma’s dream job. Mostly because I could sleep at night and also go out when I wanted to. lol I digress, the point is that one toddler, with his cute little roundness, when I told him to put the toys away because it was time for whatever it happened to be, he gave me this blank stare. I would repeat to put the toys away, he would repeat the blank stare. Only when I stopped what I was doing, usually putting down another kid I had just saved from a runaway child or something, and had him help me pick up the toys did the blank stare go away and he started helping. And often I have thought about that little boy, wondering if he continued the blank stare into adulthood, wondering if he is maddening some women he married or whether she will figure out that she needs to come alongside him. I often  have tried the blank stare routine when asked to do something I did not want to do, pretending I didn’t understand what was asked or going on vacation in my mind. But when people come alongside and do that difficult thing with me, it makes all the difference in the world. You are welcome to borrow my sweet ward’s blank stare technique and see how you fare with it. In the meantime, it would be lovely to have some help and company of a good friend through all of life’s blank stare moments and maybe we can accomplish those difficult things together. And go drink milk and cookies when we’re done.


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