Love is a Three Letter Word

There is no love ultimately without God. He is Love, He delivers it, He is it in its purest form. So what does that pure Love look like? It looks like joy. Love is nothing without happiness and joy and sheer bliss. Love must involve joy. Love also must be embedded in peace. Peace is involved, calm, even waters, sweetness and contentment. Love must involve peace. Love must be patient. It must be satisfied to wait with, be with, stay calm and peaceful and joyous with and just be. Love waits until the tears stop to leave, wait for the sun to come up with, wait contentedly together with. Love is patient. Love is always faithful. It does not keep looking for more when joy and peace and patient and enough are here already. Love is finished shopping and finds beauty and integrity in its final purchases. Love is faithful forever. Love is kind. Love offers acceptance and is nice no matter what. Kindness flows like water, cannot be contained, never stops appreciating, accepting, encouraging, uplifting. Love is always kind. Love is good. Nothing is better on this planet or beyond than love. It is good, the best thing about life, the best reason for doing anything, what most songs are written about, is pure and worth thinking about, makes everything better, is a light in a dark world. Love is definitively good. Love is gentle. It carresses with words and hugs and touches souls gently, it loosens the load you bear and gently lifts some out to help ease your burden. Love touches the soul with kisses of tranquility and hopefulness and allows words to be spoken without judgment or criticism. Love is gentle. Love is always in control of itself. Love does not attack others when angry, does not throw temper tantrums or pout like a child when it doesn’t get its way. Love remains in charge of its faculties so it can carry out its other duties and characteristics. Love is self-controlled. How do I know all this? Because Love is God and God is Love and the characteristics of God are the fruits of His Spirit. Anything that deviates from these truths is not truly love but man’s distorted view of it, devoid of truth in full and able to deceive and be used for evil and selfish desires. But the truth is here, based on the source of truth, so you will not be tricked or used. Love is pure if it is anything and the most powerful force in the universe. And if you are blessed enough to find love like this in this lifetime, you are blessed forever and best, richer than the richest men and women of the entire planet, and powerful enough to do anything you take Love with you to do. Applying this truth to your lives in your love will change everything. Love changes everything for the good. Love is perfect.

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