A Funny Little Story

As a doctor of audiology having my own practice, I saw a heck of a lot of patients on a regular or irregular basis. And since I was a young lady (or looked like it through the lenses of 70+ year olds) and semi-attractive (again to people with glasses and cataracts), I was quite often asked out or asked to meet their son/grandson/great grandson (yes some were quite old). Well, on two separate occasions, a funny thing threatened to happen. Thankfully all is well because of a beautiful little word “No, not ever”. Let me explain. One time there was a man and the second a woman (unrelated and on two seperate occasions) who were complaining about their worthless son. He was a bum, wouldn’t work, divorced two or three times, ate all their food, never cleaned up after himself, wanted his laundry done for him, a real treat. And then they would later say, “You should date my son. I think you would be so good for him”. I would ask, “Oh, how many sons do you have?” “Oh, just one, honey.” And that is where the “No, not ever” came in and as soon as they step out of the door I would laugh and laugh and laugh. Wowzers. The first time that happened was funny. The second time was just plain hilarious. Parents/Grandparents/Greatgrandparents, please don’t try to set up your worthless sons with successful women. It will not make the man better, it will make the woman worse. (Laughing) Just raise them to not be worthless and set them free. lol

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