The Hardest Thing

The hardest thing about life is not the obstacles. They are difficult, no doubt, but are not the hardest thing. Negativity is excrutiating also and very very hard but not the hardest thing. Death and losing people for different reasons is painful and horrible and very very very hard but still not the hardest thing. The hardest thing of all, in my opinion, is doing all that without love to couteract all those things. The greatest love is God of course. But we need each other too. We need people we love to have our back. With the right support system, everything on the planet is doable. With love, everything is easier to bear, easier to go through, less hard. Love is a light and when it is present, the darkness fades. To do life, especially now when things are not what they once were, without at least one person who loves you is the hardest thing. Anything can do you in. It is just that rough out there. So the key to getting through the ugliest of circumstances and hardest of situations and environments is to be sure you invest in someone you can love that loves you. Quality of love and investment is the key. For some people it is family, a spouse, a good friend, a dog, a cat (who are we kidding, that is imagined- lol), whatever, just be sure it is somebody. Life was never meant to be done alone. It is worth everything to hang on to love. It can and will carry you through the really rough stuff that is bound to come if you’re not knee deep in it now as I am and so many I know are. God will give you wisdom to find that one or two people or more if you are really blessed as I am. But pray they will be close enough to reach you with their arms, my biggest problem. Reach out for love. Cherish it. It is the hardest thing in the world to be without it through good or especially bad times. Love rules.


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