The Appreciation Factor

This life we have last like a minute in the scheme of things. Seems flippant or pessimistic to think this way but I assure you I am an optimist with a realist twist. The good news is that every minute counts. A lot. Each time you are with the one you love is one moment of happiness to enjoy. Each time you hear your child laugh is one time of happiness. Each time you pass a day loved and understood is a treasure. We are not promised tomorrow, so each moment today is invaluable. So showing appreciation and love to those in your life that make life life and livable and fun and happy should definitely be a priority in the day. I love to tell them as often as I can because there have been times I have taken for granted that things would remain the same and they changed almost overnight and never were again. Serious injuries can happen when the loved are removed from our lives, from death, moves, accidents, changes, bad choices, etc. We need to remember to show those we love how much we appreciate them and love them quite regularly. They need to hear it. If nothing else, should you be removed from their lives, your constancy of appreciation and encouragement might keep a source of strength in their heart of you after you go for them to draw on, as their appreciation and love of you is a source of power for you to draw on. Lots of things sap and pull from our strength. Lots of things try to suck the life out of us. Love brings life back and there is so little love evident in the day that we need to provide a platform for demonstrating great love and appreciation to those bright stars in our lives that light our way in the dark night. God of course is the biggest of all and worship is then quite a priority too. But our friends and family are next with our time and attention and conveying appreciation and love to. They need to know because they need power and light just like you do. Show them how much you appreciate them to power them up and breathe life into them like they breathe it into you.


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