Taking Breaks

I’ve had a lot going on lately, so please forgive my writing absence for a bit. I want to share something I learned recently. Sometimes we need a break. Seems simple, straightforward, simplistic. Heck, most people already know that, probably you too. But to me, it is a new revelation. A friend really helped me with this concept. You see, I am a driver. I go, I work, I do, I accomplish, I motivate, I encourage, I help, I support. All of these involve movement, motion, continuation. Maybe it is a combination of being brought up by a driver, a worker. Maybe it is my inner drive. Who knows. Really isn’t important, it is what I have to work with. So, I feel almost guilty of some type of sin if I take breaks. When I worked in any job I have ever had, I rarely took breaks, even to eat. I feel guilty to take a break when I can do more. I can do it so I think I should do it. What I have found recently is that I need to take breaks from things sometimes. And it is actually healthy to do so. I took five or six days off of writing, took a break. I didn’t go visit my Daddy at the nursing home today or yesterday, took a break. I didn’t walk my mom’s dog in the last few weeks, took a break. And all this is good because some things I can’t take breaks from, like being a mom to my kids. And they are requiring more care at the moment so I can devote more time to them if I take breaks from something else. Breaks or breathers do not say you will never do that again or that you are turning your back on it. But when life is pressing from all sides, something has to give. And if you don’t make it give, don’t control what gives (like decide to let go of something that can take care of itself for a bit), the pressures and stresses just might give you a health crisis or nervous breakdown. Also, I have found it next to impossible to have time alone with God when you are bombarded on all side with things other people should really be taking care of themselves in many instances. And without giving yourself this peace time, fuel time, you will burn out, run down, and then you are no good to anyone. So breaks are beneficial sometimes. Simplifying life is a good idea and some tasks you have worn on your shoulders may actually no longer be necessary.


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