Criticism & Sensitive Souls

I can take a lot, A LOT of criticism from the masses. I am not offended when anyone criticises me in the public sector, business world, even many relatives. But when someone I let into my heart criticises and puts down, it hurts like nothing else since childbirth. It rips out chunks of your heart. Too much is ripped out, there isn’t enough left to keep loving that person except with the Spirit’s love He gives. Nothing else remains and the relationship is over to me. And done is done. That probably has to do with my temperament, that I am a February sweetheart, I don’t know. But I know that my soul is a sensitive one to those few I allow close enough to be in my inner circle. In that little region, I am easily hurt, vulnerable, sensitive and very very deeply loving. I see criticism very seriously there. I feel ever negative look, every pain of each person there, every happiness and sadness of the indwellers and would fight to the death for them no question at all. That tiny circle is a place of honor to me but a place of caution. I am cautious who I let in there for I give all of myself there, everything I have to give is given there. I come last. So there it is. Few know that about me because I do not share that side of me often and prefer most people’s knowledge of my fun lively nonchalant but high energy side. Why am I sharing this? Doesn’t this make me more vulnerable to those who would misuse me? The truth is that no one gets into the inner circle unless they are worthy to be there. If you are worthy of this level of giving of myself, you are not going to hurt me easily. And if you do, it hurts a lot. A lot is an understatement. It about kills me to be hurt at this level of intimacy. Hence so few being there. Torture to be criticized by those who I love so deeply. When I love, I love everything about the person, even things I don’t agree with, love the style of the person, love the uniqueness, the gifts God gave them, love how they are cut inside and out, appreciate every little detail of that person. There is no other way to love that I know of. So why go into all this detail about this little girl? Because pain hits hard for us sensitive ones. Negative names and criticisms hit hard for those of us who are all mushy on the inside but might look pretty hard on the outside. So, think before you find it your duty somehow to critique others. God made each of us different. Some are pretty hardcore or narcissistic and some love drama games and shows to prove their superiority and whatever nonsense. And then some of us prefer truth and honor to drama and self focus. We are the sensitive ones, the ones who may sometimes appear weak or wimpy. I assure you, when pressed that would not be the case, but our choice is to view things through the lenses of God’s view or creation of them. There is detail that cannot be overlooked or understated in its beauty in every person God made and we might choose to focus on that, which deserves respect. It is a gift from God. People deserve to be treated with dignity, with honor, with truth. To callously attack or criticize someone in not only mean but directly critical of God Almighty who made them and He will require an answer when you go to meet Him. Only someone perfect can criticise and judge others. And I only know One who fits that description.


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