Knowing is Very Little of the Battle

Knowing things is easy. It is at our fingertips. Knowledge is everywhere we look, all over the place. It is easy to come by. It is literally everywhere. If I turn a corner to sharp, there is knowledge. If I look next to my bed there is the Bible there, ready for use, ready for giving knowledge. Knowing things, little trivial knowledge or vast and deep book knowledge or knowledge of unknown or imagined things in alternate dimensions, it is a few keystrokes away in hot spots all over our good land. Knowledge is not the problem. The problem seems to come with intention. People say “Knowledge is everything” or “Knowledge is power”. Now what actually sets you apart is if you choose to apply that knowledge to the task at hand. Mixing knowledge and wisdom is the real goal. If you have knowledge and apply it and use it correctly at the right time for the right reasons to solve problems and help, you are like the most amazing of people on our planet. There is an actual shortage of people who can do this. A deficit. I used to be pretty good at it but have fallen into the rat race a little bit, go here, go there, do this, do that, be busy busy busy. So even I cannot use my knowledge correctly of late. And suddenly a problem hits so big that my wisdom would come in handy and here I am out of practice. I believe the enemy really wants us distracted for this reason. There are enormous problems that arise in life that require wisdom and if distracted and out of practice, knowledge is wasted and problems blossom and remain. So here is the big question. What do we do about that? And he answer is be less busy and read the wisdom Book and practice practice practice.


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