The Perfection of Authenticity

There is something magical about being yourself, completely yourself in front of another person who honors that. Not your idea of what they expect, not guarded, not trying to figure out if all of you is okay, not ready for criticism. There is a peace and rest and joy and perfection when you can be completely unguarded and totally just who you are with someone who accepts and even loves you that way. There are no words for how perfect that is. Some things can not be put into words in a way that gives them justice. This type of authenticity, this freedom of being produces the most thrilling rush of energy and life through the veins, down the spine, to the toes, that things look clearer after, sound better, smell better, feel more real, and it makes the rest of the world that would restrict and critique and put down and suck energy insignificant next to its glory. There are these lovely moments of calm that spread to days when done well so that the world notices your song, literally you are singing and didn’t realize it, and your smile is infectious and your children laugh and smile at the notice of your calm and happiness. Thus, authenticity and the freedom to be who you are in one such thing that has such a result and I am grateful to have a friend I can be authentic with. It is beautiful and bears repeating. The world is full of masks and actors, those who would guard their heart for fear of rejection, those who would rather suppress and criticize others lest their imperfections be made public, those whose hearts have grown as cold as the winters back in Michigan. And yet, there is hope. There is hope of a rare breed of people who decide that I am worthy of knowing as I am and loving the same. They are called friend, true friend, the friend that determines that the God who loves us unconditionally has got something with that and decides to love the same. And I am honored to have such friends on this planet. It makes me feel blessed by the God who made us all that He would look at this little girl and provide friends who love like He does, with such acceptance and lack of judgment and pride. I am honored, truly honored to have been given these friends. And I will do whatever I can to show my thankfulness and appreciation of them. Thank you, God!!!

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