On Feeling Like You Matter

More and more, I firmly believe that we have to believe in God’s knowledge of who we are and rest in the fact that He knows who we are and knows our importance. I think that is the key to feeling like you matter in this world of everyone entrenched in their own lives. And histories. I think if we don’t find rest in our identity with God and trust in that as truth, we easily become the forgotten, the once was, the I remember her. It is easy to want to be validated by another person, it is easy to believe we don’t really matter that much anymore, that the world is done with needing us or finding us helpful or useful anymore. That is easy. And I guess I have never really been comfortable doing anything the easy way. So I am exploring other options here, feeling possibilities, remembering truth. And this thought keeps popping in. God made me for Him. So really, it would feel and be so freaking amazing to have another person nearby help me feel needed and appreciated and meaningful, honestly and truthfully that is not what is needed for my lungs to accept and reject air or my blood to pump through my body. What is needed for those things to keep happening is that God made me for Him because He wanted me and saw purpose and really loves me. And on this celebration tomorrow of Jesus’ work being finished and hope being given to us, I understand that He was not understood or appreciated either. And yet He knew His love needed for this to happen. He loved and acted based on His purpose. So I can work on that and focus on Him. And He is so good as to spend time with me. He will hold me. He will love me no matter what. That is pretty meaningful. That matters.

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