Death from a Child’s Perspective

I told my son today that one of my friends from back home died when he asked me what was wrong. He (10 years old) immediately asked me if she was a Christian who believed in Jesus and was saved. I said she was because her character spoke of it as did she. He said, “Well, we should be clebrating because she is in Heaven. I am happy for her.” And that got me thinking. A 10 year old’s perspective is full of faith and simplicity. Why on earth would we be sad anyone went to Heaven? If we really believe that to be true, I guess that leaves our sadness to our feelings of missing that person, which is a loss to work out based on us. Selfish really to be sad and mopey about our friend we love changing out of a diseased body into a heavenly one and dancing praises in the most beautiful place we can imagine. We will miss them but knowing where they are going makes it much easier to bear.

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