We are coming up to Easter, National Hope Day, brought to us by the only One who has any hope to give in this bleak with glorious moments life we live right now. Jesus gives us hope. He is yhe only One qualified or capable of giving us this hope. Without Him we are pretty much without it except that everyone has hope that they come to Jesus and He gives them hope. So in a way, no one is without hope. I have hope that the sun will rise. I have hope that my car will start. I have hope that my kids will stay alive all day tomorrow. I have hope that if I should die, I will go to heaven. That last one is true because of Jesus. And since the Bible teaches that all good things come from God, I guess Jesus is my hope for everything else too then. Fascinating study. But I digress. And sometimes God gives us hope in other loving people too, hope of being lovd, hope of being treated well, hope of being appreciated, hope of helping where we can. Hope is the most powerful weapon and tool in the vast reaches of our minds.Hope gives life.


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