Truffle Curiosity

I have never tasted or smelled or looked at a truffle. Great chefs seek them out, pay a fortune for them and wow their patrons. My mind cannot comprehend a mushroom worth $250 an ounce or whatever ridiculous amount it is. I thought $4 for a package of portabellas is a lot. But I got to thinking that maybe the worth of the truffle comes from how hard it is to obtain it. Its rarity and struggle to find and dig them up, the research and investigation and pain and agony and most of all time it takes to get these shrooms tells a great story. Maybe the priceless value of health lies in the cost of the prior accumulation of sicknesses, building up your immune system one antibody at a time. Maybe the value of extreme happiness of a loving relationship comes at the cost of many failed attemps and struggles. Maybe the good can only be valued and esteemed highly after the struggle through the bad. The good news is the good news. The struggle is worth it later. At the time will frustrate the heck out of you and cost a lot up front but in the end you get the best or your perception of the best. Good things really do come to those who wait and are consistent a d work through challenges. It is worth it. Do not under any circumstance give up.


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