Missed Opportunities

Many many times in my life I seized the day, climbed the mountain, dated, had conversations, danced the dance, flew, travelled, served, learned, taken so many opportunities to enjoy life and figure it out and work that were available. Sometimes I created my own opportunities. But then there were other opportunities in life that I did not take for whatever reason, spouse’s wishes, didn’t feel right, wrong timing, interest wavered, unchallenging or boring, whatever. These I have found myself mulling over for years, wo dering what ifs of what would happen if I had taken more of these opportunities. How would my life be different? Would it be better? Would it be worse? Would I have been trapped? Would I have triumphed there? So many questions. The answer I get now. I understand the answer to those questions. It is simple. If anything would have changed, everything would have changed and I would not be who I am at this moment in whose company I am in for reasons God knows. All of it was to bring me to this place. I have lived more than I have lost. I have lost a lot. My life is a reflection of the grace of God not my ability to do everything I have done alone. I have crossroads I have faced and chosen a direction. I face some now. I will face some later. But each decision made empowers the next and growth co es from experience for me faster and more meaningfully than from any textbook. I love life. I don’t always love what it consists of. I don’t love sharing some things or people in my life. I don’t love a lack of freedom that would allow me happiness. But where I am would not be possible without every taken and every missed opportunity in my life. So I am thankful for them all.


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