The Right to Speak and Laugh

We all have the right to speak. We all have the right to laugh. And we have the right to offend anyone we would like to offend freely. We have the right to annoy people by laughing at a situation instead of crying. You have the right to annoy me by laughing loudly while I feel sadness. I have the same right. I have the right to say whatever I wish and you have the same right. The thing is that these rights do not always have an “until” button built in. Until you hurt someone. Until you make someone wish they were not. Until your words are responsible for the pain of another. Until there is an innate or learned “until” in your head, wisdom dictates you do not express that which you have a right to express. And those so easily offended need to harden up but those so easily bullies need to shut up. And somewhere in between these extremes should be the rest of us who wisely use our until buttons and exercise freedom of speech with good manners. Good manners should be taught by the parents and adults example or school and church if that is too difficult but good manners are good and make a huge difference. I wouldn’t say some things even though it is my right to do so because it is rude or bad manners or mean. I would never silence a laugh. Thank God for laughter. I believe it is God’s gift to keep some of us sane or alive during bad times or happy during good ones. Laugh, talk yes! But use good manners. We will all be better off. This friendly reminder brought to you by the little girl tired of good people being silenced by bad mannered big mouths.

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