Choice Focus

So there are always good and bad things happening in a day. I used to think sometimes good things happen and sometimes bad things happen. I realize that is not true. They both happen simultaneously. The sun rises every morning and sets every night splashing the world with brilliant hues of light. Rain falls, storm clouds cover our magnificent sun, things die, toes are stubbed, you clean, things get dirty. There are always beautifully good and always some form of bad things happening to or around us all the time. What makes a difference in how our day goes or ends up is what we choose to focus on, how we feel about these events, how we see it. If we focus on feeling the good things, appreciating the delights of the day, even if little blessings like a smile or a door held open or a child’s laugh, the sun, a flower, colors of the sky, remembrances of the most perfect day ever (as today was), whatever you want, it is easy to feel and know the love of God and the happiness and joy He provides. You just feel good. You just know everything will turn out okay. If you, on the other hand,focus on the news, dirty politicians, spilled drinks, clouds rolling in, grumpy people, criticism from spouses, complications from exes, whatever, you will be dragged down into the badness and feel awful and not get what God is trying to give you. God gives peace and joy. He wants us to have His peace and joy. He loves to give us things. But at the same time, He gives a choice to accept His good stuff or do our own thing and not trust Him and focus on the negative stuff out there (and there is plenty to pick from). So, the choice is yours and the choice is mine. I choose to feel good and pick the good stuff. And today, a day of rest and comfort for the soul, a moment in time of perfection and beauty, will be my focus for some time. It merits contemplation, as beauty so often does. And I will be thankful for this meaningful gift from God for my joy and peace. I am comforted by it knowing God provided me with this love memory from Him. I am humbled that He deems me worthy of such an amazing gift, and that is exactly where the best peace and joy live. Thank you, God, for choice of focus and excellent things to focus on. Makes everything so much better and easier to take.


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